Hi! I'm Chris Alcock aka Mystery Monday, an Illustrator and Comic creator from Birmingham in the UK. In 2016, I graduated from BA(Hons) Illustration at Plymouth University.

My work is mostly created digitally, with some pieces utilising traditional media for more authentic mark making and texture. I have experience with many different forms of print making, such as silkscreen and risographs printing, and this helps to inform the way I work and the type of artwork I create, often with a focus towards creating imagery that could be printed in these mediums. My work is inspired by science-fiction stories and worlds, and by the bright colours and exciting visuals of 80s sci-fi films and cyber-punk anime movies. I also take inspiration from the rock and roll scene, and from skateboarding and skateboard culture, and I'm constantly finding new inspiration from comic books and the narrative capabilities of sequential image narrative.

Feel free to get in touch with any commission requests, questions, dragon slaying tips or other noodlings.

Thanks for checking out my work!

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